How to reheat/cook our  food and

Hanai Supply items

Please note that once you pickup your food, it is your responsibility to properly reheat your food. Mahalo for supporting us! 


Our butter mochi keeps great in the fridge for about 5 days in a closed container. When you want to eat some, just simply microwave or heat in the oven for 30secs.


A pie meant to be eaten cold. Keeps well in the fridge for approx 5 days - please make sure to put saran wrap over the haupia to keep it from drying out. Do not reheat! You can freeze the pie but keep in mind that it will alter the haupia layer slightly when defrosting it - still delicious, just a little different. 


Can be reheated in the microwave to get the gooey inside for 15 - 20 sec. Keeps well in the fridge for a few days, just make sure to keep in a sealed container and reheat in the microwave before eating. 


If you don't eat your spam musubi right away, you can reheat it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Recommended to eat within 1-2 days at most


We offer our chicken with the sauce and furikake on the side so that you can reheat your chicken in the oven when you're ready to eat. If you are in a pinch you can microwave it, otherwise you can heat it up in the oven at 375F until crisp. Then pour over the sauce and furikake, mix and enjoy. Do not reheat the sauce cups in the microwave - they are compostable


If you don't finish your rice, you can always reheat it in the microwave with a lightly wet paper towel. Also, fun fact, you can freeze cooked rice! 



While we pack on the sauce and mayo, if you don't eat your mac salad right away, some how the mayo disappears - it's a mystery we have yet to understand. We recommend adding a dollop of mayo and some salt if this happens before you eat it.


Simply defrost over night and reheat in a pan until meat is heated to 165F. Make sure to scrape out all the fat because it will help keep the pork moist as you reheat. 


We recommend cooking from frozen either on your grill or pan at a medium low heat. Once one side is cooked you can flatten it down to prevent too much shrinking from happening. If you're heat is too high you might end up with a smaller cooked patty. There is sugar in the marinade so it may stick and cause a little mess, but it's worth it. If you have our Everything Sauce on hand, you can baste it while cooking for extra deliciousness. These go great in burgers, loco mocos or anything a beef patty would go well in!


Simply defrost and pop them on your bbq or hibachi on medium heat, turn often and baste at each turn!Heads up, the sugar in the marinade will get your grill dirty and will cause flames - trust us its worth the clean up!


Take out of the freezer, put into desired buttered baking pan (ideally you want one that is tight so that it will rise against the pan) and thaw overnight in the fridge. Once thawed, let rise on the counter for approximately 2 hours (you want them to rise about 1 - 2 inches). If you’d like to speed up the process you can turn your oven on and once it's just a little bit heated, turn it off and put the buns in with the door cracked. After your buns have risen 1-2 inches you are ready to go!


Preheat your oven at 375 F and bake for 25-35 minutes until golden brown. We recommend a 15 min check-in on the buns because everyone's oven is different. If you are baking less buns take into account that the bake time might be less.


If you don’t finish all the buns, we highly recommend you microwave them the next time you eat them for soft and chewy again. Please note that rise time and baking outcome may vary due to your room temp or oven. Contains eggs, dairy and gluten.

Prepare coconut sauce and pour over buns when you're ready to eat!

How to make coconut sauce:

1 can of coconut milk

3 tablespoons of sugar - taste and add more if you like it more sweet

1/4 c water

1/8c corn starch - may need more if you prefer a thicker sauce

Mix your water and corn starch until completely combined and keep on hand for when the coconut milk is bubbling. Bring your coconut milk and sugar to a simmer on medium high heat, keep an eye on it because it will bubble over quickly! When the bubbles are just starting to appear, turn down the heat slightly and whisk in the corn starch mixture and heat until the coconut sauce thickens to a

syrup-y/icing consistency. Pour over buns and enjoy! 

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