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our story

We are Tess and Tom: born and raised on the island of O'ahu in Hawai'i. We moved to Vancouver and started Hānai in 2018. Over the last couple years, we’ve met countless new friends who have many fond memories of Hawai'i - the people they met, sights they can’t forget, and of course the delicious island foods they ate. Knowing that many people have a connection with our beautiful island home is why we’re jumping into the Vancouver food scene to introduce the authentic local Hawai'i-style food we grew up eating and loving.


Tess is a 2015 graduate of Northwest Culinary Academy in Mt Pleasant and has worked around Vancouver’s local eateries. And Thomas washes a mean dish.

Mahalo for dropping in. Check out our current items for order. Or if you're planning an event, drop us a message for catering


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